Find Answers to Common Website Accessibility Inquiries

Yes! ADA Web Consultants can provide a thorough website ADA compliant audit for just about any website application, including WordPress! In addition to providing ADA Compliant audit scanning for WordPress websites, we also work with GoDaddy websites, Wix websites, Squarespace websites, and many more.

Unlike many other onsite ADA tool providers, we don’t deal with external plugins that become incompatible with other database updates and integrations. Instead, we use simple intelligent JS code (JavaScript) allowing one simple snippet to be added to your entire website!

Absolutely. It is our primary objective to help you maintain a fully accessible website regardless of content or database changes. We get it, things change. And ADA Web Consultants are available for you 24/7/365.

Whether you know if any of your website users are at all limited with abilities or not, you should always be prepared to deliver content to everyone. Plus, you never know when someone in such a situation may need a little assistance. And offering ADA Compliant accessibility also helps other users build confidence in your brand, regardless if they need the services or not.

Legal requirements vary across many different factors including region, what you offer and how you deliver your content. While we have heard many situations involving expensive legal repercussions, we highly recommend you consult with an appropriate legal advisor. Although, if you’re considering this you might as well consider getting the ADA Compliance audit anyway. Just to cover all bases.

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